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Dance Expressions
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The wait is over! Our 2024-2025 Fall Schedule is here! Classes are open for registration!

Featuring a brand new season of Twinkle dance classes and a brand new season of Dance MANIA for ages 6 and up!

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Our Classes

You belong here! Join the fun!

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Dance Mania- First Grade and up

This high-energy class mixes various dance styles, from hip-hop to jazz to ballet technique, making it perfect for kids who love to move and groove to the latest tunes. Get ready for a dance party in Dance Mania once a month to make it extra fun!


Tumble and Tricks- First Grade and up

Push your limits in Tumble and Tricks! This class focuses on developing advanced tumbling skills and acrobatic tricks, perfect for dancers looking to add an extra wow factor to their performances. In this class students learn basic to advanced tumbling skills.


Move with me- Ages 18 Months-3 years

"Move with Me" is an engaging and dynamic creative movement class designed for boys and girls ages 18months to age 3. This class provides a joyful and supportive environment where children can explore the world of movement and dance through imaginative play and rhythmic activities. This is the perfect beginner activity! Students just need a desire to move, have fun, and discover the joy of creative expression! Each student will have one person come dance with them in the room. This person can be anyone above the age of 9 years old. Siblings, parents, cousins, anyone is welcome to "Move with the student".


Homeschool Arts- ages 5 and up

Designed for boys and girls ages 5-12, this dynamic program offers a vibrant blend of art forms, including painting, crafting, drawing, music, dance, tumbling, physical education, and so much more.
Each week, your child will dive into a variety of artistic expressions, with lessons structured to suit different skill levels. Our hands-on activities are crafted to spark creativity and foster self-expression. Imagine your child creating unique art projects, followed by engaging physical activities and exciting games that promote teamwork and build lasting friendships.

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Ninja Tumbling for Boys- Ages 6-10

Unleash your inner ninja in our Boys Ninja class, designed specifically for boys ages 6-10! This electrifying class combines the thrill of ninja training with foundational tumbling skills, creating an unforgettable experience that blends fun and fitness.
Our expert instructors lead the boys through a dynamic curriculum that includes agility drills, obstacle courses, and basic tumbling techniques. Each session is packed with high-energy activities that enhance strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Boys will learn to jump, flip, roll, and navigate obstacles with precision and confidence, just like real ninjas!
The Boys Ninja class promotes physical fitness while instilling important values such as discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. It's the perfect outlet for active boys to channel their energy, make new friends, and build a strong foundation for any athletic endeavor.


Tiny Ninja Tumbling- Boys-Ages 3-5

This action-packed class combines the fundamentals of tumbling with the excitement of ninja-style obstacle courses. Little ninjas will learn basic gymnastic skills, balance, coordination, and agility through fun and engaging activities.
Our experienced instructors guide the boys through a series of exercises that promote strength, flexibility, and confidence. Each session includes warm-ups, tumbling drills, and obstacle challenges that are safe and age-appropriate. The emphasis is on developing motor skills, enhancing spatial awareness, and encouraging teamwork and discipline in a playful environment.
Join us for a thrilling adventure where your little one can unleash their inner ninja, make new friends, and build a strong foundation for future physical activities!


Spotlight Dance Class- ages 4-5

Take center stage in Spotlight Dancers! This is an invitation only class. This advanced class is for dedicated dancers ready to hone their skills, master choreography, and perform with passion and precision.


Diamond Dance Classes

Shine bright like a diamond in our Diamond Dancers class! This is an invitation only class Designed for the advanced dancers, this class emphasizes technique, performance, and confidence, preparing students for the spotlight.


Pom/Dance Team Ready- ages 9-15

Get ready to shine with our Pom/Dance Team Ready class, perfect for girls ages 9-15! Whether you're a beginner or an advanced dancer, this class is designed to prepare you for the excitement and challenge of trying out for a dance team.
Our experienced instructors provide comprehensive training that covers essential dance techniques, including jazz, pom, and hip-hop styles. You'll learn sharp motions, clean lines, and dynamic choreography that are crucial for any dance team. Each session focuses on building strength, flexibility, and endurance, while also enhancing performance skills and stage presence.
The Pom/Dance Team Ready class emphasizes teamwork, precision, and confidence. Through rigorous practice and constructive feedback, dancers will improve their technique and develop the poise needed for successful auditions. Join us and take your dance skills to the next level in a fun, supportive environment.

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Home/ Summer Registration: About

Why you belong at Dance Expressions

At Dance Expressions, we believe that dance is more than just a skill—it's a way to express joy, build confidence, and create lifelong memories. Our studio is a fun and welcoming place where every student can thrive. We offer an incredible performance experience that is nothing short of spectacular, giving our dancers the chance to shine on stage like stars. To make things easy for parents, we have a user-friendly app that keeps you informed and organized. Plus, our viewing windows allow you to watch your child's progress and share in their excitement. Join us at Dance Expressions and become part of a vibrant community where dance dreams come true!

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Registration is now Opens for summer camp!

Camps for Girls and Boys ages 3 and up! Guaranteed fun for your child's summer! Register Early to receive the best price!

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Home/ Summer Registration: Pro Gallery
Home/ Summer Registration: Welcome
Home/ Summer Registration: Welcome

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Dance Expressions of Columbus, Ms and Louisville, Ms


Dance Expressions is a dance studio located in Columbus, Ms and in Louisville, Ms. At Dance Expressions We offer Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Cheer/ Tumble. Our Goal at Dance Expressions is to instill passion, character, self-esteem, discipline and self confidence in each of our dancers.

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Tuesday 3:00-7:30 
Thursday 4:00–7:30

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