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June 10th-13th

Columbus, Ms

1:00-1:50--Shake it off Swifties- Ages 5-13

2:00-2:50--Paint the Holidays- Art Camp-Ages 5 and up- Boys and Girls

3:00-3:50--Ninja Warrior Tumbling Challenge- Ages 5-13- Boys and Girls

4:00-4:50--Unicorn University- A Tumbling Adventure- ages 4-6

5:00-5:50-Disco Princess- Glow Dance Party- ages 3-6

Summer Schedule Columbus 2024: About

June 17th-20th

Columbus, Ms

2:00-2:50-Flips with Fairies- Tumbling Camp- Ages 4-6

3:00-3:50-Frozen Fever- Royal Dance Camp- Ages 3-6

4:00-4:50-Barbie’s Glitz and Glam Dance Camp Ages 4-8

5:00-5:50-Painting the Holidays- Art Camp- Ages 5-13 - Boys and Girls

6:00-6:50--Mario’s Tumbling Adventure Challenge- Ages 4-13- Boys and girls

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Summer Schedule Columbus 2024: About

July 8th-11th

Columbus, Ms

2:00-2:50- Frozen Fever- Dance and tumbling-Ages 3-6

3:00-3:50-Tumble with Trolls- ages 4-8

4:00-4:50-Sparkle Era- Fashion Dance Camp- 4-8

5:00-5:50-Amazing Acrobatics tumbling and tricks- ages 6-13

6:00-6:50-Rainbow Princess Party- Dance and Tumbling Camp- Ages 3-6

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Summer Schedule Columbus 2024: About
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