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Summer Camps in Columbus

        Make your child's summer magical by joining us this summer for camp!
 We are now enrolling for our summer camps at Dance Expressions! 

Don't wait to register!

Registration opens February 3rd for current students and families and February 9th for new students

Summer Camps Columbus 2023: About
Summer Camps Columbus 2023: Welcome

Columbus Summer Camps 2024

June 10th-13h
June 17th-20th
July 8th-11th


Shake it off Swifties

June 10th-13th
Ages 5-12

"Shake it off Swifties" Summer Camp – where the magic of Taylor Swift comes to life! 🎤👑
🌈 Calling all little Swiftie Fans aged 5-12 to join us for a week filled with glitter, giggles, and Taylor-tastic fun! This camp is your VIP pass to a world where every girl is a rock star, and Taylor Swift's chart-topping hits set the stage for an unforgettable experience. Get ready to dance the day away as we shake it off to the rhythm of Taylor's greatest hits! we'll be grooving and moving, creating our own dance routines that even Swift herself would applaud. Whether you're "Love Story" royalty or "Style" sophistication, every day brings a chance to showcase your unique Swiftie style!


Frozen Fever- Royal Dance Camp

June 17th-20th
Ages 3-6

👑✨ Calling all little princesses who dream of dancing in a winter wonderland! The magic of Elsa and Anna comes will come to life through the joy of dance. Get ready for a week filled with enchantment, sparkle, and the pure magic of Frozen! ❄️💃 Immerse yourself in the wintry world of Arendelle as we twirl, spin, and dance like true princesses. Under the shimmering lights, our dance floor transforms into a kingdom of ice, and each step is a delightful journey into the Frozen universe.


Paint the Holidays-Art Camp

June 10th-13th
June. 17th-20th
Ages 5-12
Boys and Girls

Prepare to unlock your creativity and celebrate the spirit of the season through the magical world of painting. 🌟🖌️ one day, we'll dip our brushes into the merry palette of reds, whites, and greens to create a jolly masterpiece featuring none other than Santa Claus himself! 🎅 Get ready to paint spooktacular scenes, from friendly ghosts to creepy creatures, as we capture the essence of Halloween on our canvases! 🎃🖌️ From Valentine's Day hearts to Easter eggstravaganzas, we'll dive into the colors and symbols of each holiday, transforming them into beautiful works of art that you can proudly display at home.


Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Challenge

June 10th-13th
Ages 5-12
Boys and Girls

🥷🌟 Calling all aspiring ninjas! Prepare to unleash your inner warrior and embark on an exhilarating adventure at our Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Challenge Summer Camp! 🌟🥷 🏆 Gear up for a week of non-stop thrills as we dive headfirst into a world of action, agility, and friendly competition. Boys and girls, this is your chance to prove that you have what it takes to be the ultimate ninja champion! 🤸♂️ Each day will be a new quest filled with pulse-pounding obstacle course challenges. 🥇 Join forces with fellow ninja apprentices as we engage in daily competitions that will test your strength, speed, and strategy. From the heart-pounding speed challenges to the mind-bending obstacle puzzles, every day is a chance to rise to the occasion and claim the title of the camp's top ninja! Forge new friendships as you encourage and support your fellow ninjas, creating bonds that will last far beyond the obstacle course. Together, we'll celebrate victories, share laughter, and cheer each other on to newfound heights!


Trolls Tumbling Camp

July 8th-11th
Ages 4-8 
Boys and Girls

Calling all little trolls who love to tumble and groove! Welcome to the "Trolls Summer Tumbling Camp," where the magic of tumbling meets the whimsical world of the Trolls. Get ready for a week filled with flips, rolls, and the joyous spirit of dancing to the beat of your own troll-tastic rhythm! 🤸♂️ Learn to tumble with the exuberance of Poppy, the acrobatic finesse of Branch, and the carefree spirit of your favorite Troll characters. Each day brings a new challenge, and every accomplishment is a step closer to becoming a Troll tumbling superstar!

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Unicorn University- A Tumbling Adventure

June 10th-13th
Ages 4-6

🦄🤸♂️ Embrace the whimsical world of tumbling as we embark on a journey to learn the secrets of unicorn acrobatics. From forward rolls to dazzling cartwheels, our days will be filled with laughter, excitement, and the thrill of mastering each move, all under the watchful eye of our unicorn coaches. 🌈🌟 Dive into the unicorn-themed tumbling sessions, where the mats transform into fields of dreams, and each flip is a leap into a world of pure imagination. Learn to balance on imaginary rainbows, twist through sparkling hoops, and create a tumbling routine that even unicorns would applaud!


Disco Princess- Glow Dance Party

June 10th-13th
Ages 3-6

🌟 Brace yourselves for a week packed with epic dance parties! We're not talking about just any dance – we're talking about twirling like Tiana, shimmying like Cinderella, and grooving like a party princess! The dance floor is your kingdom, and the disco ball is your dazzling crown.
But the excitement doesn't stop there! 🎨👑 Dive into the world of whimsical crafts fit for a true royal creator. Craft your own sparkling tiaras and create magical keepsakes that will forever remind you of this royal adventure! Transform into a radiant glow princess, dancing under the stars and disco lights. It's like your very own fairy tale rave, and you're the queen of the glow! But wait, there's more! 🎉 Every day is a new chapter in the book of fun – from silly games to surprise princess guests, our days are filled with excitement, laughter, and the kind of memories that will make you smile for years to come.


Flips with Fairies Tumbling Camp

June 17th-20th
Ages 4-6

🌟✨ Calling all aspiring gymnasts with a touch of fairy magic! Join us for this enchanting realm of "Flips with Fairies" Tumbling Camp – where the dazzling world of flips and cartwheels collides with the enchantment of fairies! Get ready for a week filled with magic, laughter, and the joy of tumbling like mystical sprites. 🧚♀️🤸♀️ 🌈 Immerse yourself in the whimsical wonderland of fairy-infused tumbling. Our mats transform into enchanted meadows, and each flip and cartwheel sends a shower of fairy dust into the air. Under the guidance of our fairy coaches, learn to tumble with the grace of woodland fairies and flip like magical creatures soaring through the skies.


Sparkle Era- Fashion Dance Camp

July 8th-11th
Ages 4-8

✨ Calling all young fashionistas and dance enthusiasts! Join us for "Sparkle Era Fashion Dance Camp," where every day is a celebration of glitz, glamour, and the joy of dancing in your own unique style. Get ready for a week filled with dazzling dance moves, fabulous dress-up sessions, and exciting fashion games that will transport you to the most stylish era ever! 💄 Embrace the glamour with daily dress-up sessions, where you'll have the chance to become your own fashion icon. 👠 Engage in creative fashion games and activities that will test your style knowledge and encourage you to express your individuality.


Amazing Acobatics Tricks and Stunts Tumbling Camp

July 8th-11th

Ages 6-12

Get ready for a week filled with flips, rolls, and jaw-dropping tricks that will leave you in awe of your own amazing abilities. 🤩🎪 🤸♀️ Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of acrobatics as our expert instructors guide you through a series of daily lessons designed to enhance your tumbling skills. From mastering fundamental flips and rolls to learning advanced tricks, every session is a journey towards becoming an acrobatic sensation. 💪🌈 Engage in a variety of tumbling activities that focus on building strength, flexibility, and coordination. Our camp is designed to cater to all skill levels, whether you're a budding acrobat or already have a repertoire of tricks up your sleeve. Everyone will have the opportunity to explore new challenges and expand their acrobatic repertoire.


Marios Tumbling Adventure

June 17th-20th
Ages 4-12

🍄🌟 Attention all little adventurers! Join us for the Super Mario Tumbling Camp Challenge, where the thrill of tumbling meets the excitement of the Mushroom Kingdom. Get ready for a week filled with flips, rolls, and the exhilarating challenge of Mario-inspired obstacle courses that will transport you to a world of magic and fun! 🤸♂️ Our mats transform into obstacle courses inspired by Mario's legendary adventures, where each flip and roll becomes a quest for victory. Dodge imaginary Goombas, conquer balance beams like tightropes, and leap through hoops like Mario collecting coins – the challenge is on! Learn to tumble with the agility of Mario and the acrobatic finesse of Princess Peach.


Barbie Glitz and Glam

June 17th-20th
Ages 4-8

🌈 Immerse yourself in a Barbie wonderland where every day brings a new adventure with our beloved dolls. From fashion shows to imaginative play, the Barbie world is your runway, and each activity is a chance to embrace the glitz and glam that makes Barbie so iconic. 💄👠 Engage in daily Barbie-themed activities that will make your glitz and glam dreams come true. 💃🌟 But the fun doesn't stop there – let the glittering dance floor be your stage! The dance floor transforms into a glamorous runway, and every move is a chance to shine like a Barbie superstar!


Rainbow Princess Dance and tumbling

July 8th-11th
Ages 3-6

🌈👸✨ Welcome to the "Rainbow Princess Party Dance and Tumbling Camp," where the magic of dance meets the joy of tumbling in a world filled with colors, laughter, and royal delight! Get ready for a week of enchanting dance routines, spectacular tumbling adventures, and the joyous spirit of a princess party! 💃 🌟Immerse yourself in the magical world of princesses and rainbows as our expert dance and tumbling instructors guide you through a week of whimsical activities. Each day brings a new adventure filled with dazzling dance moves and thrilling tumbles, transforming the dance floor into a royal kingdom of delight.

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