Tuesday Classes

3:30-4:00- PreTumble ages 3-5

4:00-4:30- Spotlight Dance ages 3-5 (Invitation required)

4:30-5:30- Diamond Dancer (Invitation required)

5:30-6:30 Diamond Tumbling- 4th grade and up )Invitation Required

6:30-7:30- All Star Diamond Dancer (Invitation Required)


Thursday Classes

3:30-4:00- Dance- Ballet and jazz ages 3-5
4:00-4:30- Tumbling Ages 3-5
4:30-5:30- Dance (Ballet, Jazz, Hiphop) Ages 6 and up
5:30-6:30- Tumbling Ages 6 and up
6:30-7:00- Dance (Ballet, Jazz) Ages 3-5


Special Discount

If you register for both dance and tumbling classes- You will receive a FREE tumbling recital costume!

Dance and tumbling classes have been schedule back to back with dance classes so that you can drop your child off for two classes!