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Twinkle Dance

We are excited to offer a new program called TWINKLE for our 3-5 age dancers.This engaging program helps your young dancer learn age appropriate dance steps and proper terminology in a creative, lively and fun setting. Each week in class, your dancer will be introduced to basic dance steps, terminology, skills and concepts. Then, once per month, we have a super fun, super special week called TWINKLE Week! It’s like a dance party in class! Each class will have a special theme during TWINKLE week that corresponds with props and Dances learned. These THEMED classes are sure to bring that element of FUN we are known for! In addition to TWINKLE week, we will have a celebration week where we will have a mini birthday celebration dance party for all our birthday students that month! This will involve confetti, bubbles, fun lights, and so much happiness! This is a 3 year program-with a new TWIRL week every month- never repeating a theme to keep it always engaging and exciting! This season is our Yellow series. We have a pink series and lilac series planned for the following two seasons. Your little dancer will look forward to dance day each week with the fun and imaginative activities offered in Twirl class! Register today to join in on the fun! Add Twinkle Tumbling to your schedule as well for added fun!

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