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Louisville, Ms

June 20th-23rd

1:00-1:50- Enchanted Dance Camp inspired by Encanto- Ages 5-11

1:00-1:50-Princess Academy- Ages 3-6

2:00-2:50-Sweet Treats Chocolate Factory Art Camp- Ages 7-14

2:00-2:50-Barbie Blowout Dance Party- Ages 4-9

3:00-3:50-Sweet Treats Chocolate Factory Art Camp- Ages 5-8

3:00-3:50-Glow in the Dark Tok Tok Dance Camp- Ages 6-13

4:00-4:50-‘Merica Ninja Warrior Tumbling Challenge- Ages 6-13

4:00-4:50-Princess Academy- Ages 3-6

5:00-5:50-Unicorn University Tumbling Camp- Ages 3-6

5:00-5:50-Project Runway Dance Camp- Ages 6-13

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